Centro Anay

Centro Anay Training Centre for Girls in Cusco, Peru

In 2012, director Carmen Munoz Franco finalized the construction on the Centro Anay Training Centre for Girls in Cusco, Peru. CAFE helped to fund the construction of the centre which focuses on professional training for “at risk” girls from the surrounding orphanages and schools.

The centre has two floors. The first floor is a salon, where the girls receive training in aesthetics. The second floor is a computer lab, where girls learn to take classes in computers and secretarial skills.

The aim of this centre is to provide training, otherwise unavailable to these girls, so that when they are done, they will possess useful, marketable skills that will help them to improve their prospects to obtain employment, improving their ability to make a decent living when they have to leave the state institutions.

Plans are already underway to offer karate classes, Quechua classes (Quechua is the native language of the Indigenous people of this area) and other community building activities.

CAFE continues to support this occupational centre as they grow to serve the girls of Cusco.