Mobile Library

Mobile Library in Arequipa, Peru

Cristo Obrero Church, now under Fr. Joel Palomino, has been working to provide educational services to this community for the past 37 years. CAFE is helping them support a mobile library. CAFE provides funds to cover expenses, including transportation, resource materials and supervision.

The mobile library, supported by CAFE since 2006, is a very important community program which serves the children in the shanty towns around Arequipa, Peru.
The library team sets up a tent where children from 5 to 15 years attending initial, primary and secondary schools, do activities such as arts and crafts, writing and grammar. Remedial help in math and reading are also provided. Also very important, the mobile library provides access to learning resources otherwise not available in the communities. Further, the program offers snacks of fruit and drinks twice a day to provide the kids with energy to learn. The children participating in the mobile library are encouraged in their school work and in building appreciation for learning by working together.

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