Power Generator

Purchase of a Power Generator - Jamgara, Bangladesh

HOPE worldwide Bangladesh changes lives by harnessing the compassion and commitment of dedicated staff and volunteers to deliver sustainable, high impact, community based services to the poor and needy. They are operating a school program and vocational training program for the underprivileged children, teenagers, and young adults. As power failures happen frequently, the programs are hampered. A generator was needed to help provide a constant power supply for the school and the vocational training section.

In 2015, CAFE provided funding to help with the purchase of a Generator that will provide the energy needed,  and which is now  fully operational. With the Generator in full operation, the school  is able to deliver their programs. 

The children of this school come from a poor economic background.  Most of the parents work in garment factories.  Others are daily wage labourers, like rickshaw pullers.  Many others have migrated to the cities to work in the unorganized sector (garments workers, construction workers, day labourers etc).  Most of them are not literate and cannot support their children in their studies.  Most children are first generation learners.  The community struggles to meet the basic needs of food and clothing for the family and cannot afford to purchase books and stationery for schooling. 

The program run by HOPE worldwide Bangladesh in Jamgara provides vocational training activities aimed at present and future factory workers, women,  teenagers, and young adults between the ages of 17 and 35. It focuses on industrial skill training, literacy, basic computing knowledge, spoken English, handicrafts training and general life skills. The school educated 250 children and gave vocational training to 450 young people in the last year.

CAFE is very happy to have contributed to this important program for these marginalized children.