TMA Workshops

Teacher Mentors Abroad Workshop Sponsorship for Teachers from Santiago, Dominican Republic

Elementary school teachers in Dominican Republic have a difficult time. Training for teachers is very basic and they are not paid well. Working in schools with too many students and not enough resources, they are challenged every day. As well, the opportunities for upgrading their skills and learning new techniques are very rare and expensive.

Teacher Mentors Abroad (TMA) is a Canadian organization working to change that by offering workshops to elementary school teachers, identifying leaders among the Dominican teachers and teaching them to share new skills and techniques with their colleagues. They operate workshops offered to Dominican teachers during a week in July in the capital city of Santo Domingo. The workshops are free for the Dominican teachers, but if they travel from outside the city, they must pay their room and board.

Santiago is the second largest city in the country and experiences the same challenges to training and skills development. In 2012, CAFE sponsored two teachers from the Santiago area to attend the TMA workshops. Both found the workshops excellent and have incorporated the strategies learned into their classrooms.

In early 2013, CAFE board members, Juan Pablo and Betty Anne, along with the two teachers, made presentations about the TMA workshops to a number of elementary schools in the Santiago area. An additional five teachers were sponsored by CAFE to attend the TMA workshops in the summer of 2013.