Women's Training Centre 

Women's Training Centre in Barahona, Dominican Republic

The mission of this project is to better and improve the quality of life in the community of Nuevo Amparo by providing training courses to poor Young women that live in the community. The needs of the community were identified through meetings with Young people and adults in the community. They expressed a desire to learn practical skills.The school will offer training in food preparation including desserts sweets and bread making.

The program is open to those living in Nuevo Amparo and Barrio de Balaguer and serves mainly young women from ages 15 to 25. 

During the first year of the project the group numbered 25, but as the value of these courses became apparent, there are now 50 participants. The community is involved by supporting the Project, cleaning the facility and offering suggestions during evaluation.

CAFE has supported this project by providing funds to purchase equipment such as stoves, microwaves and cooking utensils. And also supplies such as cooking gas, notebooks and pens. 



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