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27 May



May 27, 2014 | By |


Dear members of the CAFE and Learning for Hope Community,

On Saturday June 7th, the Learning for Hope Youth Leadership Group and members of the Learning for Hope community will be hosting our second annual YARD SALE FOR HOPE at St. Mary Catholic Secondary School, White’s Rd. in Pickering. Set up will begin at 8:00 in the morning and the Yard Sale will end at 1:00 in the afternoon.

We are hoping to shift the focus of the typical yard sale. Instead of simply asking people to clean out their homes and give us all of their unwanted items, we are asking people to identify 5-10 high quality items that they no longer use or no longer fit with their interior design. In essence, this is an opportunity for people to give something of value/make some kind of sacrifice for the good of others. This will make our yard sale a treasure hunters dream. All proceeds will support initiatives sponsored by Canadian Aid For Education.


1) High quality sports accessories such as soccer balls, basketballs, baseball bats, yoga mats, etc.
2) High quality clothing such as seldom used dresses, summer skirts, gently used shirts, etc.
3) Interesting household decorative items…unique lamps, art, sculptures, dishes, table ornaments, etc.
4) Used jewelry and other accessories that no longer fit. Never used make-up.
5) Children’s educational items such as building blocks, math tools, puppets, etc.
6) High quality kitchen ware such as plates, platters, jugs, etc.
7) Musical instruments that were used a few times and discarded.
8) High quality books.
9) Baby clothing and accessories.

*Members of Learning for Hope will be traveling to Peru and El Salvador in July and we are looking to take down two to three year old used laptop computers. If you have recently updated, our partner school communities need the technology.